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Social Media Fail – IHOP

Social media mistakes are inevitable; learning from them is not. We’ll highlight some social media mistakes, blunders, slip-ups, flops. We hope it’s educational as well as amusing. At the end of the year, we’ll name the Greatest Social Media Fail of 2017! Stay tuned! Note: We restrict our selection to those pertaining to organizations or businesses.

IHOP January 2017

IHOP retweeted user content containing derogatory remarks about the Hillary Clinton campaign. The company apologized by claiming that their account had been “hacked.” This claim was ridiculed by many followers and the credibility damage was worse for the “hacked” claim than the original retweet.

Lesson Learned

The U.S. is almost equally divided along political party lines. With almost 300,000 followers, it’s inevitable that iIHOP or any company with a large following, will upset a high percentage of people when making comments about political candidates on either side of the divide. A great Content strategy (the 3rd C of the #5CsofSocial) should take this into account.


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