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Social Media Strategy: Tools for Professionals and Organizations shows professionals and organizations how to use social media more effectively and strategically. With a focus on what makes social media unique among communication platforms, this book offers practical guidance on creating, implementing, and evaluating social media strategies and tactics. Social media is constantly evolving, so the book focuses on enduring strategic principles and uses case studies and exercises throughout to help readers build the fundamental competencies needed by today’s social media managers.


  • A more evergreen focus on strategy gives students tools to become adept social media managers who can adapt to changes in technology.

  • Deep Dives exercises and projects are designed to improve students’ strategic thinking about social media. All the exercises and projects have been “battle tested” in the classroom.

  • Synopses of major social media platforms offer readers short briefs on the founders, history, audience reach, and major milestones of the major social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram).

  • Case Studies featured in the Appendix ensure that the lessons learned are applicable to a wide range of organizations while offering lasting insights about strategic thinking.

  • Students are guided through the process of strategically crafting a social media marketing strategy through “The Five Cs”:

    • Define coordinates of the social media position to create a blueprint for the strategy

    • Select appropriate channels for the message

    • Develop and collect customized content to share

    • Identify and create connections within the social media platforms

    • Use diverse approaches to detect errors and make corrections

Where can I buy the book?

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