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Final Essay Exam

Take-Home Final Exam
Option #1


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  • Answer question 1 and then select either question 2 OR 3.

  • Provide typewritten answers to the 2 questions. (50 points each)

Much of this class has revolved around the 5Cs. Part A: Assume that you must delete one of the Cs and replace it with another C.  Justify your deletion AND your addition by using compelling arguments and specific examples. Part B:  Using your new set of 5 Cs, describe the likely outcome of an organization that used your 5 Cs. In other words, fill in the blank to this equation: C x C x C x C x C =??? Justify your answer with compelling arguments and specific examples.

Throughout the class, we have focused on transforming you into a “social media strategist.” First, create a short statement (3 sentences max) that describes the key attributes of a social media strategist.  Second, “unpack” the statement by providing an explanation of key terms and your rationale for selecting the attributes. Third, discuss how you would make an argument to an executive team about the value of a social media strategist as opposed to a self-described social media “expert.”

Our class theme and precept has been “Applying ancient wisdom to a modern communication challenge.” Using class concepts:

  • Define and discuss the importance of the key terms in the precept.

  • Discuss two examples of companies, organizations or products that did an excellent job of demonstrating the value of this theme or precept. Provide your rationale. (Hint: think about the project presentations)

  • Discuss two examples of companies, organizations or products that could have done a better job using this precept. Provide your rationale and suggestions.

  • Summarize by outlining 5 rules of thumb you will use in the future in your day-to-day work and personal life based on the precept.

Take-Home Final Exam
Option #2


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Locate and identify a major social media organizational “fail"

Identify/explain/state the problem

Using the “Five C” course model plus evaluation tools from the course, analyze the “fail”

  • Start with Coordinates (think mission statements, core values, audience analysis, etc.) and work through the remaining Cs, offering insights and analysis specific to the issue

Offer a repair plan based on your analysis of the “fail”

Include a diagram, highlighting the organization’s ineffective use of social media in this instance (broken links, communication problems, missed opportunities, audience issues/effects, etc.)

Cite sources used

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